Why holiday industry is blooming?

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05 Oct 2021
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In recent times, people have understood the need for a perfect holiday especially due to work from home and the frustration of the pandemic. Investors are tending to put out their maximum revenue in the tourism sector due to the sudden increase in the field once lockdown was lifted. According to the Times of India, the tourism sector has now become the major employment creator in India over 10 lakh foreign visits have been happening all over India, the finest source of destination being Kerala. Due to the natural beauty and charming valleys families, couples and even college-going students always end up deciding to take a break in Kerala. 

The scenic beauty has always attracted people to plan their vacations in destinations such as Idukki, Wayanad, Vagamon, Alappuzha, etc. Investors have solely agreed upon the fact that they are being able to promote and collect way more than their profit margin as the upcoming generation has the will and wish to travel and explore places.

Lush green tea plantations, serene winding backwaters, and spice plantations are a few features that define Kerala as one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Popular as ‘God’s Own Country Kerala is a haven for travelers who come here to unwind in the salubrious climes, away from the concrete jungle. In a state where the topography ranges from cool hills to balmy sea beaches, Kerala is a sight for sore eyes. Hence this is indeed a great opportunity for people who are looking to step their foot in business without much risk.  

Although it also to be cautious that pandemic has changed some aspects of tourism. Neat and hygienic conditions with ample level of care are the primary concern while families choose to travel. Hence maintaining this specified condition is very much important. Investors then specifically have to focus on investing in the best group and great destinations.